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 H2B Empowering Human Resources

The arrival of the “VUCA” world and the current “global crisis” lead to the obsolescence of traditional business and leadership models and, also, makes it more difficult to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over time. Thus comes the HOWTOBE® leadership model.

Comprehensive HUB for organizational culture management, through the enhancement of accountability and contribution skills:

  • Tested
  • Different
  • Integral

We turn your challenges and needs into a business strategy, with the firm purpose of:

  • Accelerate your chances of success,
  • Gain a noble advantage in markets where they interact.
  • Generate tangible and sustainable impact on the results of your company.

Human Capital Consultant at Fundación Chile. We work hand in hand with organizations, as a partner, to realize the transformations that ensure a solid vision of the future for people and the business. We promote impact changes in companies, institutions and productive sectors of the country, through innovation in people management.

Phases of the Culture Management


1. Potential leadership diagnostic installed

2. Personal score card

3. Active learning

4. Cross training

5. Advanced results forum

6. Accountability meeting


Taking your further