We have the experience of a team of accountants trained under local regulations that exist in Ecuador, as well as personnel expert in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), tax compliance, fulfillment of Municipal obligations, reports for control agencies and headquarters.

Our main services:

  • Outsourcing of accounting, in-house and in our offices.
  • Advice and consultancy in IFRS.
  • Elaboration, analysis and presentation of financial statements.
  • Monthly financial reports.
  • Budget control and implementation.
  • Treasury Support (Accounts payable and Accounts receivable).
  • Consultancy, implementation and training in Quickbooks.
  • Payroll Outsourcing.
  • Accounting and internal control procedures manual.
  • Compliance with control entities (SRI, IESS, Superintendence of Companies, Municipalities, Labor Ministry).


We work according to the needs of each company, to advise them effectively on the proper application and interpretation of the International Financial Reporting Standards.

We are your strategic ally, we focus on guiding our clients to avoid, due to lack of precaution, fines or penalties generated by not being up to date in the legal provisions in force of the IFRS framework.

  • Diagnosis and implementation of IFRS.
  • Updating and training in International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Elaboration of the notes to the financial statements (Revelations).
  • IFRS analysis of the main accounts in your company and its impact on the financial statements for decision making.


We offer the complete installation process, configuration, management and training of this software. We carry out:

  • Sale and implementation of Quickbooks according to the size of your company. We offer the Enterprise, Premium or Pro versions. We include all the necessary configuration and parameterization.
  • Implementation of local requirements from the SRI and electronic billing in Quickbooks, as well as payroll management.
  • Accounting and tax consultancy for Quickbooks.
  • Training in Quickbooks to manage the different requirements of the financial area such as accounts payable, purchases, imports, treasury, Accounts receivable, sales, budgets, sales projections, cash flow, taxes and obligations Tax, payment roles, database maintenance, etc.