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AUDIT SERVICES Our Audit Services are synonymous with security, quality and trust, which we demonstrate from our strategy at the beginning of our work to the delivery of the reports and giving added value to our services.

We help in the fulfillment of business objectives; We cement our independent professional relationship and become your business advisers; to support long-term sustainable economic growth and our network of global offices help us meet business growth goals.

We have the experience, human talent and tools to help organizations promote the trust of: their shareholders, investors; providers financial institutions and control bodies.

Our main services are:

  • External Audit for shareholders, control bodies, banks, suppliers, etc.
  • Internal Audit, focused on improving the efficiency and operability of the company.
  • Special reviews in financial and operational aspects as required by shareholders, administrators and others.
  • Management tools for financial analysis and evaluation of strategic plans.
  • Reviews and support in company merger purchase processes.
  • Forensic audit.
  • Analysis and definition of KPI’s.
  • Review, analysis and evaluation of internal control systems.
  • Computer Audit.
  • Design, preparation and evaluation of risk matrix.

Our work complies with all the global standards of quality, ethics and independence required by our profession in Ecuador and the world, which are endorsed by the quality control of our headquarters in London.

Accredited by Russell Bedford International to conduct
Transnational Audits.