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Auditing is essential to validate the financial and operational integrity of a business. There are two main audit services: (a) internal and (b) external. Both services aim to evaluate and ensure the accuracy and compliance of financial and operational processes.

Russell Bedford Ecuador has the tools to carry out your audits. Our tools and approach are a comprehensive solution, because they are aligned with the best audit practices based on international standards. The work methodologies are aligned and are based on International Standards

Our audit tools help and save time to document audits. We have the necessary resources to be at the forefront with our competition.

Our objectives are:

• Provide credibility and confidence to users of financial statements.
• Provide solutions so that financial information is transparent.
• Contribute to compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.
• Facilitate decision making by shareholders and investors.

Our internal audits play an important role in the financial and operational integrity of a company. We help improve internal processes and manage risks, providing confidence and credibility to financial statements.

We carry out our work effectively. We help businesses meet their goals and objectives, and we support them in making informed decisions.

Accredited by Russell Bedford International to conduct
Transnational Audits.