Our approach is to provide a comprehensive service that goes beyond the simple fulfillment of tax obligations. We seek to generate an added value and to provide integral solutions applicable to the structure of each one of our clients.

We have tax specialists, who are constantly trained and are up to date in the new tax regulations, which allows us to have tools to advice our customers in the optimization of resources.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Tax refund procedure before the tax administration.
  • Double taxation agreements and their application.
  • Return of withholdings for foreign companies before the SRI.
  • Strategic tax planning.
  • Tax outsourcing for natural persons and corporations.
  • Assets declaration for natural persons, taxes for shareholders.
  • Elaboration and/or revision of the Tax Compliance Report ICT.
  • Accompaniments and advice on tax reviews.
  • Attention to glosses and determinations on the part of the SRI, administrative and judicial processes.
  • Training in tax issues at the personal or corporate level.
  • Advice on municipal taxes: patent, 1.5 per thousand, fees and contributions.