Audit | Outsourcing | Taxes| Consultancy Tax Advise Services An integral service beyond the fulfillment of tax obligations


Our approach is to provide a comprehensive service that goes beyond simple compliance with tax obligations. We seek to generate added value and provide comprehensive solutions applicable to the structure of each of our clients.

Tax Services

  • Tax compliance
  • Refund of taxes before the tax administration
  • Application of Tax Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation
  • National and international tax planning
  • Transfer Prices

Tax Determinations

  • Accompaniment and representation in administrative processes
  • Defense in tax lawsuits, including appeals for review and cassation

Tax Outsourcing

  • Assets declaration of natural persons, taxes for shareholders
  • Due diligence at the tax level
  • Compliance with tax obligations, evaluation and mitigation of qualifications
  • Training on tax issues at an individual or corporate level
  • Advice on municipal taxes: patent, 1.5 per thousand, rates and contributions.

To quote our services, you can contact directly:

Diego Sierra | Head of Tax | Russell Bedford Ecuador